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working against hate

If you want to work against hate crimes and are interested in helping with education, read more about the translation projects of the association Kreuzweise-Miteinander e.V.  The first project ("Ebenbild Projekt") was a translation of the brochure "Zum Bilde Gottes geschaffen - Transsexualität in der Kirche" in portuguese language to support Transgender in Brazil. The portuguese translation was published at the TDOR 2019 during a church service of the EKHN (German Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau) in Darmstadt. You can download it now. By sharing it you support Transgender in Brazil! The brochure is an official document of the  EKHN to support Transgender by informing Christian communities . A working group within the EKHN consisting of people (transsexual, homosexual, heterosexual etc.) dedicated to LGBT topics developed this brochure over a period of three years. Kreuzweise-Miteinander e.V. will continue translating this brochure to support Transgender worldwide.

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